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ISHOU Soysauce Packaging Sidekick

ISHOU is a soy sauce company that uses sea creatures as their main ingredients. They contain three different flavored soy sauces, which are crab, squid and fish. The main focus of displaying these products is to show a refreshing and eye-catching design by using gradient waves with simplified illustrations of sea creatures. The sticker’s label on the flask-like bottles will be die-cutted rather than a normal label. Alongside with the products is a sidekick that helps mockup an idea of how the products would look like if they were to be presented in a consumer’s store like Wal-Mart. The main concept for this sidekick was to not let it be shaped like any other square-like sidekick, but instead a die-cut shaped one like the products itself. This felt like the best option to grab more consumer’s attention based on this idea.

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