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KidLingual Books

Kidlingual is a series of children’s books based on introducing Asian languages and their cultures through fun stories told by children who live in the subject’s countries. As well as introducing terms from their native languages in an easy-to-understand way. Many children in the U.S. are not bilingual in other languages besides English and Spanish. Therefore, two Kidlingual books are created to help children in the U.S. learn another language and to broaden their knowledge, familiarization with diversity and increase in communication skills. Each book was illustrated digitally and written based on research from native speakers. Also, the narrative stories always starts with a child introducing themselves and telling what holiday it is in their country.

Brand Identity

The logo has three multiple colors for the word ‘kid’. The ‘I’ is shown as a pencil. And the rest of the logo, ‘lingual’ is presented as one color, orange.  The ‘U’ is incorporated as a smiley face. 

KidLingual Branding.jpg
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